Thank you Satan (I mean Travis Kalanick)

Thank you Satan (I mean Travis Kalanick)

Travis vs EddieWith the assistance of his millions of minions, Travis Kalanick AKA Satan has just about finalized his dissemination and destruction of his biggest competitor in the transportation industry.

Travis made it his primary focus to completely take over the competition by any means necessary including unfair business practices, bribing and paying off politicians, wining and dining lawmakers, predatory pricing schemes, secret launches, paying hundreds of lobbyist,price gauging,breaking all local municipalities laws, deceptive trade practices,false advertisements,and breaking a little law that was enacted in 1912 called the Federal Antitrust Competition Law.
Basically, this law makes in a criminally prosecutable offence if a competitor engages in business and operates in such a way that damages the competition to the point that in doing so destroys the very process of competition in itself.

In Dallas, and I am sure also across the whole U.S and the entire world Travis has destroyed the lives of many people by saturating markets to the point where all drivers including limos, shuttle drivers, taxi drivers are all barely getting by. Many have been forced out of transportation all together because they can no longer feed their families and pay bills.

Travis found a way to create this huge pyramid scheme that keeps him at the very top. He has no interest in the lives of millions of drivers.  It is all about greed, power and pure revenge to Travis K.   He has made no bones about it, he aims to replace drivers with driverless cars.

Travis is practically giving away vehicles through Ubers exchange program where Uber finances vehicles for any one that can come up with $250. Who cares about minor details such as background screening, details that only get in the way of padding his bank account. BTW, the money is more than likely being deposited in  Switzerland bank where it absolutely is not being reported as income and is tax free.

Kalanick canvasses across various forums to speak out on his success always making these two points.
He says that there is no way that anyone should ever buy into a monopoly such as a taxi medallion.
Uber is creating a monopoly at warp speed. Travis is a hypocrite.
Kalanick also drills into his admirers everywhere that there is no reason that there should ever be a limit to the number of permits issued to drive for hire.

He repeats himself so much that it is automatic speech.  I dare anyone to challenge him on this.  It would have to be someone who could not be persuaded by Travis financially.

However, it appears that EVERY SINGLE PERSON has a price.  And Travis is willing to pay it to you.

I have stated before the reason that there are limits on the number of permits that a city should issue.  That number is based on the population of a city or meteoplex and also on the number of passengers traveling in and out of the airports.  The formula calculates the number of permits that any given market could support.  The only reason Travis says that there should be no limits is because if there are limits, then his company could not continue to grow.

The reason that Travis says there should be no limits to the number of permits issued for transportation for hire  is due to the very high turnover rate of Uber drivers, especially UberX.  Once these people realize that the money that they make does not cover the cost of the wear and tear on their vehicles and the time thar it takes to make a few bucks, they quit.

Do not think for one instant that he considers the and livelihood of the drivers.  He could care less whether any drivers are able to actually makes living when driving for uberX or any of the rest of the varieties. Travis is in this business for himself and every driver is expendable.

There was talk in the past about Uber getting into shipping packages.   I wished that he would get into shipping packages.
It would be entertaining to watch him get struck down like lightening when UPS and FedEX is finished with him.

I know this from someone who has met Travis a couple of times. I asked this man what he thought about Travis. The man replied “He is a real douche bag”. This is not a real surprise.
The picture of him that I am posting is what he looks like to me……


This is how CORRUPT Dallas is….

UberX drivers get a car and call up this guy in Richardson whom in exchange for $50 hand   delivers to the driver the 31 point inspection already filled out, as if an inspection had taken place.

The 31 point inspection is one of the very few ordinances that the city of Dallas created but in no way enforces.

Then the UberX driver takes this inspection form into Ubers’ office and exchange Uber gives the new driver a City of Dallas Decal.

Vehicle never goes through the inspection.  The whole process is merely a play fakey.

Then the driver has a decal and starts driving for Uber.  He can work everywhere he chooses except he will not get calls at DFW airport.  There is another process to go through in order to do that.

But, my point is this.  These UberX drivers work in the market and everywhere and the real clincher here is they have figured out how to get the best of both worlds, if you can call it that.

They purchase magnetic signs that say one of the names of the legitimate cab companies on them and they purchase a taxi light.

When they are not working via the Uber app they whip out the signs and the light and pose as a taxi.  Reaping taxi benefits and not paying the cab companies one red cent.

They get taxi business from the hotels at excessive rates, in order to damage even more taxi business.  Then when they get enough of that they take down the signs and instead use the Uber app.



Today is Friday and I have been our,since 6 am.  Gross amount so far made today at 4 pm is $40.
Taxi drivers everywhere are sitting in their cars saving gas and wasting time.  Ah, another glorious day in Big D, the most corrupt city in all of the United States.


Taxi vs. Uber X xoxo What You Need To Know

Taxi vs. Uber X xoxo  What You Need To Know

                        >Just in case you did not know this already<

              When you download and use Uber, You have waived your rights and Uber’s Liability.uber liable



Corrupt doorman and valet.

95% of the hotels in Dallas have corrupt and greedy doorman that will argue with hotel guest when someone ask for a taxi.  It is difficult for a hotel guest to know what is right when the valet is telling them that a taxi ride cost the same as a limo.

I have had passengers loaded in my taxi call a valet manager down so that he could make the. Valet manager  aware of the hassle and games being played .

Now, not only has taxi business at most of the large hotels become a joke, but, the doorman and valet do not make a dime off of UberX.

The whole ride sharing mentality economy is impacting as many people negatively as it may be helping.

Drivers cannot be policed so, the cops have stopped trying.

Uber and Lyft are bombarding the radio stations for new drivers because everyone knows that Dallas is a Free-for-All with no oversight, except the oversight for Taxi.  The unlimited number of drivers continues to drive down business and sustainability for everyone.  Soon, no one will be able to do this for full time income.

Get this>  DFW has 100 flights per hour coming in and out of here.  How in the world can I sit in the taxi queue for 5 hours and leave with no passenger. This is way out of control.





UBER DRIVERS “NOT FEELING THE LOVE IN DALLAS” If something looks to good to be true, it usually is.


Protest in Dallas yesterday over Uber’s decision to mandate SUV and Black to accept all ride request.

Even from the “cheapskate Uber X ride request” was the response from a Uber driver who owns a

60K SUV.  Uber says that they cannot keep drivers of the cheapest model that they offer here in Dallas, UberX.

To keep all of their cheapskate UberX request under raps, even drivers in SUV’s where gas is a costly drawback, NO RIDES REFUSED.  You know what they say, if something looks to good to be true, then it usually is.

Dallas Uber Riders
Waiting on Uber

Since, Dallas lifted the limits on the number of drivers providing transportation in Dallas, there has been

a huge influx of new drivers for taxi and Uber.  Taxi queues are overrun beyond the boundaries of the queue

and longer wait times are the result.

So, in Dallas, the city has failed miserably for those of us that make a living by providing transportation for the

public. The city has ruined the business in Dallas. And what the city has failed to do, the taxi companies and other

providers, such as Uber have put the icing on the cake.

Uber has said already that their whole goal was to replace the driver with the driverless car.  I do not think any of the drivers were paying attention. It is the DECEITFUL unfair business practices of a greed ridden company, EXPOSED..

 Uber drivers  are nothing more than a stepping stone for the company; Uber path to out the car with no driver.

As unpredictable as taxi business has become, I am certainly glad I did not go in the hole for Uber.


Right on the money, this lady has nailed it.  Nice to see someone spilling the truth.

Dallas politicians and and any others being paid by Uber for a free pass are vile.

Uber Technologies is  parasite.  Uber is indictable and iniquitous and citizens are 

brainwashed by the lies and because it is an app, people are sucked in under false pretenses.




DFW Airport/Love Field Airport Access, Income,Cost of Driving a Taxi and following Laws

If the Geofence at the airport for TNC drivers was working then the drivers cars woud not

show up as available at the terminals. TNC drivers camp out at all of the terminals where

they are more available to passengers even than taxi cabs are available.

Since there are so many taxi cabs working at DFW now and the cab companies

are nonstop hiring more cab drivers, drivers are only making 2-4 trips per day.

This is not substantial income considering the high cost of driving a taxi to begin with.

In the 11 days that I changed my toll tag over to DFW airport, I was charged $153 in tolls.

Not all of the tolls came from there but the total amount of trips that I picked up there

comes to $394 in 10 trips. That averages out to $39 per trip minus $4.15 per trip.

I spend $40 on gas and $37 on stand fee and endless amount of money on maintenance

and repairs. But, back to the tolls, 14 trips at Love Field for a total of $429.

So that is a total of $823. In that 11 days from 8/16-8/26 for a total of $823 from

Love Field and DFW, I paid $153 in tolls. I paid $407 in stand fee and I paid an average

of $35 per day in gas which is $385. Just in stand fee and gas, it cost me $792, but remember

I only brought in $823 from both airports. So, for the 11 days time frame I profited only $30

but both airports.

Then there is the issue with the Geofence. DFW tells us that the TNC drivers dispatch only

from terminal B. If this were the case, it may discourage some of the passengers from pinging

one of them and they might decide to take a cab instead. But, since the Geofence does not work,

then these drivers are already there and passengers have easier access. Here in lies the problem

that this brings. These drivers do not have overhead and they have not the rigorous set of

regulations that we have. It seems to me that since they are allowed free reign at the airport

over taxi cabs, that we all should just start going directly to the terminal to load instead of

waiting like we are supposed to in the taxi queue for hours and hours at a time.

There is a problem early in the morning with keeping the landside employees at their post.

Early morning on a regular basis have I dropped off and seen no taxis anywhere. Then I look

over to the queue where they are all sitting. Flights start coming in at 5 am. The employees

are not on their post instead are inside the terminals. Many times before I was permitted out

here, did I pick up people who were looking for a cab and there were none here but there were

some in the queue.

As we everywhere else in the city, it seems that TNC drivers have been given free reign to pick

up passengers while we still are forced out of work. It is difficult to remedy the problem in Dallas

due to the corruption in the office of Mayor Rawlins and the city council.

TNC drivers waiting upper level for passengers to arrive and come out.
TNC drivers waiting upper level for passengers to arrive and come out.
taken 8/29/15

However, there must be control  on airport property.

I do not feel as though I should follow the regulations for taxi, since what little regulations

that TNC drivers have are not even enforced. So I will start looking for whatever opportunity

that I can to not follow the regulations and I will encourage others to do the same.