4 thoughts on “Uber driver Naps as his passenger leads police in a high speed chase

  1. Those are limo cars parked in the limo line for prearranged passengers. Limo companies pay a different fee to the airport in order to operate at DFW airport.

  2. As far the story of a uber driver napping while the passenger drives. Well there are stories of some taxi drivers doing the same as some uber drivers. There are always going to be a few bad seeds in a large group of great people. You can’t stop those that are willing to break or make their rules until they are caught. It is sad you have to post all the negative things about (Uber/Lyft/OneRide/Getme/Chariot) all these companies. When in reality these companies have helped the less fortunate get around town at an affordable rate and has reduced the number vehicular fatalities by drunk drivers tremendously. I picked up one guy who ordered a cab, he waited 30 minutes, went to the lobby of the hotel and was talking to the front desk. Front Desk said, why don’t you order an Uber instead. She helped him set up the account and in 5 minutes he had a driver, who was me by the way. He would have missed his flight if he waited for the Taxi driver.

    1. You think this is sad? I tell you sad.
      It is so sad that….
      #1 People download apps without not reading the fine print. “UBER states that they will not be held liable for anyone using their services or using their app”.
      #2 That politicians are so greedy and that Uber has over 250 lobbyist across the United States that line the pockets of corrupt politicians all across the US.
      #3 That taxi drivers must pay the high cost of being covered under a commercial insurance policy that protects the passengers 24/7, while UberX gets a free pass and putting passengers well being at risk.
      #4 That people who have full time great paying jobs and are driving a hundred thousand dollar car part time for Uber because they do not have a life and do not even need the money.
      #5 That Uber can break federal laws without consequences. There is this little law enacted in the early 1900’s called the The Federal Anti-trust Competition law that makes it illegal for a competitor to damage the competition to the point that it destroys the very meaning of competition itself.
      #6 That Airports allowing UberX are losing money on parking and rental cars and now are rethinking decision to allow UberX to pick up at DFW Airport.
      #7 That taxi drivers must be dispatched from a queue legally instead of cruising the airport awaiting a ping and taking up all of the spaces for anyone to park in front of the terminals.
      #8 That Uber X drivers are turning the passengers into regular customers and becoming a regular driver for that passenger ignorant to the risk they are taking.
      #9 That Uber and the millions of drivers across the US have created a huge carbon footprint, increasing traffic, and causing accidents.
      #10 That they elect a mayor to run a city when his former experience is being a VP in a pizza chain.
      #11 That the billions of dollars of revenue generated by Uber is held in an account outside the US, not being taxed by the IRS, not a company that cares about contributing to paying down the trillions of dollars in debt that the United States owes to China.
      I could go on and on………

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